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About Milan & PMCDS

I am an independent designer / programmer who can develop, market and publish under one roof. My services are tailored to small companies or individuals.

How can I help you stand out?

I specialize in graphic design and web development; magazine consulting and publishing; and development/marketing for expos and conferences. My expertise includes advanced programming, graphic design, business consulting/marketing and more. It is my utmost priority that your project will be flawless and completed on time.

I´ve always practiced a green lifestyle and adhere to sustainable business practices. That reflects in my lower operating costs. Savings are passed along to my clients. This allows me to provide top of the line service at more than affordable rates.

Meet my clients. See PORTFOLIO section for experience and samples of my work.

Customer Support: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Mon.-Fri. : Phone or e-mail
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